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The new 3D model from Nuebi3D

Pagani Zonda R

Audi R8 anim 3D Raytracing



BMW GT3 FX Laserscanner Scene



Blender Cycles Porsche GT3 RSR animation




Audi A5 DTM 2012 Blender 3D Model
by Neubi3d



This is the New Racing Car from Audi in the German DTM Racing 2012. Basic model is a Audi A5. New parts on car – rear spoiler, 9 spoke wheels… Started the modeling on Tuesday. This is not finish model. In the next weeks follow the Texturing, lightning, animation, update to cycles renderer and when finish upload to youtube…

Greeting Neubi3D


Audi A4 DTM Cycles + Uv-texture-alpha Maps
By Neubi3d


Hello blender-fans!

Here is my Audi DTM model. I have it set up correctly for the renderer cycles.
It took me some time to understand how it works in cycles-renderer
with the uv-maps, texture maps and alpha maps. This is my result. I hope one or the other, this helps
something in dealing with the new render engine Cycles.
My hardware for Blender-Cycles (Cuda GPU) GTX460SE 1GB RAM (256shaders)




BMW I8 Concept Car (no Finish Model)
By Neubi3d


BMW i8 Concept Car

You see an mixed model of 2 version from this car.
Is an very excellent design. The front light of this car
is not an LED-Light – is laserlight – the next generation.